Car interior leather cleaning and conditioning.

We come to you and deep clean and protect the leather interior of your car, keeping it in tip-top condition and prolonging it from premature ageing, drying and cracking.

deep clean

Your leather interior is cleaned using the finest award-winning ultra safe Leather Cleaners


UV protection, feeds and protect the leathers surface, making leather soft and supple.


PH Neutral and natural ingredients which prolong the life of your leather seats from premature aging.

Pamper treatment for your car's leather interior.

To get the best out of your car's leather seats and interior and prolong their life, we come to you and care for it and to make it stay clean and last longer.

Failing to keep the leather in your car clean and conditioned can make your car’s interior unsightly and uncomfortable with accumulated filth, drying, and cracking.

Here at Clarity Car Spa we have developed the ultimate PH neutral deep leather cleaning and conditioning service using only the finest award-winning ultra safe Leather Cleaners. With its leather scent and deep cleaning capabilities, even the most stubborn stains don't stand a chance and truly gives outstanding 'like new' results.

A clean leather interior is only half the battle. Our Leather Protection and Conditioner is the barrier you need to keep daily dirt and grime off your leather.

Our Leather Conditioner contains natural ingredients and prolongs the life of your leather seats. It forms an excellent shield, protecting them for future dirt and grime. In addition, it offers UV protection, feeds and protect the leathers surface, making leather soft and supple.

Estimated time: 1 - 2 Hours

Small Car: £29.
Medium-sized Car: £39.
Large Car/SUV/Luxury Saloon: £49

This service can only be added to our Interior and Car Spa Packages

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We only work with kind to your car PH Neutral, non-acidic cleaning chemicals.