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Estimated time: 2 - 3 hours

Small Car price: £59
Medium-sized car price: £69.
Large Car/SUV/Luxury Saloon: £79.

6 stage body wash

Your car receives our unique six stage deep clean and paint sealant protection. Hand finished with a wax finish for an amazing deeper shine that lasts for months, all as standard.

Hygienic Deep interior Clean

Your car's interior receives a deep clean which removes the majority of organic contaminants, leaving your interior spotlessly clean with that just left the showroom look.

paint protection

A long-lasting sealant is applied that offers protection against dirt, acids, and solvents keeping your car cleaner for much longer.

Included in this package


The exterior of your car is given a thorough high pressure wash and a PH Netural Citrus Pre-Cleanser is applied to remove excess dirt like bug splats and general road grime in order to prepare the car for washing

Ultra-high foaming water-based deep cleansing snow-like foam is applied to your entire car which is designed to cling, break down dirt deposits and saturate soiled vehicle paintwork prior to the application of vehicle shampoo.

Your car is washed using the two buckets safe wash method. The two buckets have grit guards installed that isolates any grit, dirt, and debris which significantly reduces potential swirls and scratches to your vehicle.

We only use premium deep cleansing car shampoo  is super concentrated with advanced detergents, emulsifiers, and a lubrication system for optimal cleaning performance. 

What is the two bucket method?
One bucket contains our shampoo wash solution and one bucket with plain water for rinsing your wash mitt. This safe method significantly reduces the probability of contaminating your wash mitt during your typical cleaning process.

Using soft small brushes, we remove dirt and grime from grills, body panel gaps, badges, window trims, and all those often ignored and hard to reach places.

Your entire vehicle is sprayed with a wet sealant which instantly gives a deep gloss ‘just waxed’ shine while the highly water-repellent coating protects your car from UV damage, acid rain and industrial fallout until your next scheduled valet.

We delicately dry your car using a large deep pile double-density microfibre towel with a serious absorption rate and increased fibre softness to minimise the risk of swirls and damage to your car’s paintwork.

A wax/sealant is applied by hand which offers your car an extra layer of protection, water beading which repels everyday contaminants and offers an amazing gloss enhancement for a showroom deeper shine that lasts for months.

A low H20 content alcohol-based window and glass cleaner with specialist surfactants is applied, ensuring a smear and residue-free finish.

All door and boot seals and shuts are cleaned and degreased. Plastic, metal and chrome areas cleaned and dressed accordingly.


All rubbish carefully removed from the vehicle.

A thorough 20-minute vacuum of interior carpets including the boot, all mats, dashboard, and centre console. Pet hair removal and heavily soiled interiors removal may incur a small surcharge.

After wiping down all surfaces including leather, vinyl and plastic with a powerful yet very safe interior cleaner, we apply a safe alcohol-based hygienic interior cleaner. The deep clean sanitises and removes the majority of organic contaminants easily and effectively from your car’s mats, leather seats, steering wheel, infotainment system screens, door cards, plastics, alcantara and textiles. Your car is left with a fresh and purified interior feel.

A low H20 content alcohol-based window and glass cleaner with specialist surfactants is applied, ensuring a smear and residue-free finish.

If required, we can apply sparkling citrus and floral scent to your mats with added sanitising and odour eliminating properties, leaving your car not only looking clean but also smelling great.

Wheels and arches.

The wheels of your car are given a thorough high pressure wash and a PH Neutral Wheel Cleaning solution is applied to remove excess dirt and brake dust to prepare for deep cleaning.

The face and inner barrels are cleaned with a variety of specialist wheel brushes using wheel shampoo and no acidic wheel cleaner.

Your wheels are sprayed with a wheel sealant which instantly gives a deep gloss  shine while the highly water-repellent coating protects your wheels from damage from brake dust, road grime and keeps them cleaner for longer

Your tyres are cleaned with a tire brush and cleaning solution ready to be dressed with our Satin Rubber Coating to give them a brand-new appearance.

Want to book your car valet?

Simply drop us a line, and we will come to you and give you that ‘just left the showroom’ shine to your pride and joy that it deserves.

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We only work with kind to your car PH Neutral, non-acidic cleaning chemicals.